Kids Gift Ideas

Best Toys and Gift Ideas for 7-Year-Old Kids

Best Toys and Gift Ideas for 7-Year-Old Kids

Sometimes it’s hard to stay on track of the requirements and developmental stages of your kids. We know how children grow so fast, absorb information quickly, and yet learn and mature in a different way. Although children are all different, buying them the toys and gifts is a thoughtful way to prove that you care and want them to enjoy being kids. Below, you will find our recommendations for the best toys for kids at seven.

For Your Little Girls

  1.       Crayola Light-Up Tracing Pad

Most little girls love to draw, and Crayola has got the best way to combine art and storage in the Crayola Light-up Tracing Pad. This all-in-one set includes a Light-Up Tracing Pad, 10 tracing sheets, graphite pencil, blank sheets, colored pencils, and more! Your little girls will enjoy drawing like a pro.

  1.       Wireless Karaoke Microphone With Bluetooth Speaker

At seven, girls seem to enjoy listening to their voices. With this wireless karaoke, your little girls can belt out tunes like their favorite Taylor Swift or Ariana Grande. Plus, you can set up the Karaoke anywhere you want.

  1.       Kids Play House Princess Tent

It has a castle-like shape that provides enough space for your kids and their favorite stuffed animals. The tent is very easy to install too. Plus, its sheer pink curtains are a great addition to make the place a better spot for them to relax.

  1.       LEGO Friends House

By following the instructions, your kids can easily put the pieces together or torn down and turned into an infinite list of possibilities. With over seven hundred building blocks, your little girls will be busy for hours as they start creating their imagination.

  1.       Interactive Talking World Map

With tons of facts about the world, this Interactive Talking World Map is the ideal gift for your child! Children under seven years old have a tough time learning the world around them, but with this interactive talking world map, it will become easier for them to learn more about the other countries.

For Your Little Boys

  1.       LEGO City Deep Space Rocket

You can pair it up with your other sets in Lego’s space theme that your kid and his buddies can set out on a space exploration mission of their own. And its rocket and control center is big enough to include mini-figures to carry out a super fun mission too.

  1.       Ultimate Operation: Escape Room

Turn your kid’s room into the ultimate spy adventure. Use spy codes to free the captured spy to help them escape. This set is perfect for your kid to create his own secret agent experience, right there in his room. Plus, it includes more tools than the original game.

  1.       K’nex 35 Model Building Set

Building toys are one of the most favorite fun things to do for a seven-year-old boy. The 35-Model Ultimate Building Set is composed of 480 pieces of building components to help your kid better in building and creating up to 35 very fully functioning models.

  1.       Osmo Genius Kit

This game makes learning fun and promotes artistic drawing skills, visual thinking, and problem-solving, which are some of the many abilities it exercises for kids. Practicing important talents doesn’t have to be tedious if your 7-year-old child has the Osmo Genius Kit for his iPad.

  1.     National Geographic Kids’ 5,000 Awesome Facts

You will never go wrong if you present this as a gift for a 7-year-old kid. Not only do they benefit from the 5,000 facts, but it will also improve their reading skills. This is an excellent way for kids at 7 to spend some quiet time while at home, traveling, or waiting.

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