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Effects Of Modern Gadgets On Children

Kids and technology is a sight we often see today. From a toddler holding a tablet to an infant with a smartphone in his mouth, that’s a typical scene we have these days. Technology can be an entertaining and educational tool for the children, but now, it becomes an alarming sight.

According to the reports, children are spending their gadgets for almost seven and a half hours a day. They even learn how to use gadgets before they could learn how to walk or talk. Most parents can’t see the side effects, which is why the governments and even the experts are calling their attention to reduce their children’s exposure to these gadgets.

Here, we will give you ten reasons why modern gadgets impede your children’s development.

Drastic Brain Development

The brain triples in size during the toddler years and continues to develop until adult years. Based on studies, too many gadgets may negatively affect a child’s brain when it comes to functioning. It may even cause attention deficit, impaired learning, increased impulsivity, and cognitive delays, as well as a decreased ability to self-regulate. Studies have shown that reading, singing, and talking to their toddler is essential than letting them use gadgets or watch TV.


Children who play in front of the screens don’t burn calories they take in, which leads them to obesity. The Parents Zone encourages every parent to expose children more into physical activities and only inculcate technology in their later years. That way, their children will have a better and healthier lifestyle as they grow.


Kids who use gadgets at an early age tend to be more aggressive than those who aren’t. As children grow older, they become more addicted to gadgets and more likely to disobey their elders. So instead of relying on gadgets to calm down their tantrums, give them coloring books or some fun activity.

Expose To Radiation

Gadgets like smartphones and other wireless devices are a 2B risk because of their radiation emission, which is a threat to children. This rising radiation issue among children led Healthy Child Healthy World to give tips on protecting your child from these harmful gadgets.

Less Interaction

Children who are less exposed to real people and spend more time on gadgets hinder interaction and disrupt the communication skill development of children. This is why children fail to develop their communication skills because they surround themselves with inanimate objects. And some copy and inherit the talking skills from TV but fail when it comes to socializing with actual people.

Sleep Deprivation

Although some children playing on their gadgets become their sleeping pill, others who get addicted miss out on the needed rest. Without gadgets, children become grumpy and aggressive.

Estranged To Nature

Gadgets also kill the development of a child. Since they prefer to stay at home and play on their gadgets, they become estranged from the natural world of animals, plants, lakes, and sky. Kids who prefer to focus on their gadgets, miss out more on the benefits of playing in playgrounds, the learning they get from interaction, socialization, nature’s beauty, and life itself.

Poor Eyesight

Too much exposure to gadgets strains your children’s eyes. Children who are addicted to playing online games are more likely to develop eye problems as they grow.


Parents must not continue feeding the whims of their children, or they will grow addicted to these gadgets. Instead, they should expose their children to the rest of the world with activities that promote mental, physical, and emotional development.

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