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6 Unique Gifts Every Kid Wants

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Every kid needs gifts, and honestly, they want a lot. So whether you’re a parent, grandparent, godparent, or relative, our list of gift ideas for kids will help you find something for them. These aren’t their typical toys, so these are something they should try. Here are a few of the unique gifts for kids:

Pony Cycle

The Pony Cycle is a horse-shaped scooter that is self-propelled by bouncing up and down on it. With each pump of your feet, it will move forward on the wheels found on the bottom of the horse’s hooves. If your kid wants a horse or a pony, but there’s no way you can get one, this pony scooter is your next best bet.

Shop online easy and hassle-free only at DHgate.comToilet Paper Blaster Skid Shot

This toy gun spitball shooter works by adding a roll of toilet paper to the side of the gun and loading in the first bit of toilet paper into the slot, then add water into the container found at the top of the gun. To fire, pull back on the lever to load the toilet paper into the gun, then cock it by pulling back on the handle and moisten the toilet paper with the clean water in the container, and pull the trigger to launch the spitball.

Tractor Engine Repair Set

Usually, letting your kids work on the tractor is not an excellent idea. But you can now with this Tractor Engine Repair Set, letting your kids work on the tractor without all of that pesky danger. They will enjoy playing as a mechanic without worrying about their safety.

Shop online easy and hassle-free only at DHgate.comAir Fort

This Air Fort is super quick and easy to use for the kids to do while stuck inside. Just set the Air Fort, attach the straps using the four included adhesive strips to the fan, and plug in a fan and point it towards the opening. Once the fan is on, it will inflate the Air Fort in a few seconds, providing your kids an excellent spot to play. Since it doesn’t have a bottom, you can pull up the side to go in or out of the area.

Rocket Kids Fishing Rod

Casting a rod is hard work, you have to pull it back, and then pull it all the way forward, it’s like lifting weights while you try to catch a fish. This unique kid’s fishing rod will launch your bobber and lure for you so that you won’t ever have to cast another rod again trying to catch a fish, making it the best fishing rod for kids.

Shop online easy and hassle-free only at DHgate.comKid-O-Bunk

Sleeping on the cold hard ground, or listening to your kids complain about sleeping on the ground is the worst thing about camping.  Dealing with one of these problems is okay, but two? I don’t think so! But with this thing called the Kid-O-Bunk, a portable bunk bed set that lets your kids bring along with them when they go out camping will offer them a warm and cozy place to sleep in a tent that’s not on the typical cold hard ground.

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