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Classic Board Games You Can Enjoy While Staying At Home

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I know most of us are under home quarantine for like almost forever, and it sucks when you can’t do much anymore. You are probably got fed up with your “get up-eat-TV-sleep-repeat” daily routine that you just wish everything will be back to normal as soon as possible; however, due to the crisis, we’re currently facing, I don’t think we can do more for the next few weeks or months. Now, here are a few of the classic board games you can enjoy with your family while at home.Shop online easy and hassle-free only at


Using a crossword puzzle format and a dictionary, the goal of this game is to form words using your lettered tiles and aim to place your tiles on bonus spaces to get an extra bounty of points. Whoever gets the highest score wins. You can play scrabble with only one opponent up to four persons.

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It is another family multi-player classic, with set pieces, a board, two stacks of cards, and a bank of cash (the legendary “Monopoly money”). The game is advanced by the throw of dice and is known to last for hours.


Its quick setup and easy play allow all ages to pile and remove those rectangular wooden blocks. You can enjoy the game with two or more players. The pile of blocks seems uniform, but the careful player spots and feels for the more loose-fitting pieces, and sometimes risks removing those stubborn fitting pieces to confound the opponent. One mistake and everything comes tumbling down!

Shop online easy and hassle-free only at DHgate.comTwister

Of all the games, this one stands out as it is the only game where the players themselves are the keyboard game pieces. All you need are a plastic mat that serves as the board, a spinner, and a few willing participants to play twister. Two-player makes the game competitive, but more than four players can make it almost impossible but quite comical.

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